A sweet smelling, herbacious, flowering plant cultivated in garden and green houses throughout North America and Europe, best known for cutting typically 1-3 feet height with a branching system, opposite linear leaves and pink, red or white terminal flowers that bloom naturally in the summer.

A bulbous plant, native to Europe it averages 30.5 cm., 47.7 cm in height. The flower has six white or yellow petals, a tubular vase and a trumpet shaped carona of white, yellow, orange or pink.

A showy flower having three sepals and three petals. The two lateral petals are similar, the third called a lip is frequently larger, showier, more ornamental and of deeper colour. Orchids are found world-wide, growing in soil, or as air plants on other plants.

A bulbous plant, it belongs to the lily family and is native to Asia. Tulips are usually showy flower which may be solitary or in clusters dropping or upright and bell to saucer shaped. There are about sixty species of Tulips grown as ornaments. The best known species are so called garden flowers.