The journey of Bhagwan Das Pareek Dream School begins with the vision of our founder father Shri. Bhagwan Das Ji Pareek. Apart from being a great leader and philanthrophist, he had a great sense of understanding for the future needs of Newai. He visualized Newai as a progressive place for agriculture, trade and business. And therefore, he wanted the children of this place to receive quality education so that they become competitive to the children in the other parts of the country.

He urged that children of Newai should learn and earn at this particular place only, which would facilitate the growth of Newai. He visualized children as change agents who will bring a major change in the society and economy. But that is all possible when the children will become sensitive to the problems and challenges of the environment, which is possible only when they are intellectually groomed and nourished.

Hence, school became the only medium to fulfill his dreams. And thereby, his vision laid the foundation of this school in the year 2012.